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Grzegorz Boczek

Web Developer

Grzegorz Boczek Photo of a wolf

Grzegorz Boczek

I invite you to look through my portfolio. I have been programming for 2 years. I also create web design. I have 3 months of commercial experience. I am currently looking for a job. Portfolio
Cooperation with Grzegorz is definitely worth recommending. The biggest plus in my opinion is contact with the customer. Very efficient exchange of information and, more importantly, involvement in the project, suggestions and advice in creating. Everything is determined on a regular basis and implemented to suit the taste of the client. I am very pleased with the end result. The website was created at an express pace and the whole looks just as I expected.
I don't think I've ever had the opportunity to work with someone as reliable and professional as Grzegorz. Seamless communication, high level of personal culture and customer approach. Even on the stupid question I received a comprehensive and factual answer. When I did not know how to solve a certain issue, Grzegorz suggested great ideas. From the technical side, the website exceeded my wildest expectations and if I could I would give a mark of 11/10. I would highly recommend!
my skills

Web Design

I create web design that can be seen on my Behance profile. I am interested in issues related to the creation of user interfaces (UI) as well as the topic of user experience (UX).


what I know?
  • Adobe Photoshop (advanced)
  • Adobe XD (basics)


what I can?
  • Choose colors
  • Choose fonts
  • Web Design Desktop / Mobile
  • Create a simple logo
  • Create a simple favicon
  • Work with site topography
  • Edit photos / images
A set of brushes for painting
my skills


I have been programming for 2 years. Within 3 months as a freelancer I created 3 commercial projects (available in the portfolio). I'm mainly interested in frontend, but I'm also expanding my knowledge of backend.


what I know?
  • HTML5 (advanced +)
  • CSS3, SASS (advanced +)
  • JavaScript ES5, ES6 + (advanced)
  • Vue.js, Vuex, Nuxt.js (basic)
  • WordPres, CPT, ACF (basic +)
  • PHP (basic)
  • MySQL, phpMyAdmin (basic)
  • Node.js, Express.js (simple projects)
  • React (simple projects)
  • Webpack, Babel, Gulp (basic)
  • NPM, NVM, npm_scripts (basic)
  • Bootstrap 4 etc. (simple projects)
  • DirectAdmin, FileZilla (basics), XAMPP
  • Testing in BrowserStack


what I can?
  • Work on Linux (Mint) and Windows
  • Configure the working environment
  • Edit websites
  • Create simple websites / SPA (Vue)
  • Code simple templates: HTML, CSS, JS
  • Work with WordPress
  • Write WordPress templates (business card / blog)
  • Create responsive projects
  • Use Flexbox and Grid
  • Use DevTools in browser
  • Solve problems yourself
  • Read PL / ENG documentation
  • Learn from English materials
  • I know the basics of administration
  • Basic work with the database
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